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We are the bipod and shooting rest manufacturer of choice for demanding precision shooters who value design, construction quality, and product integrity

We are a company that is constantly seeking to improve its products. Over the past dozen years, we have introduced and patented numerous new bipod designs to the shooting world. Which is why in a sea of "me-too" products, ours stand head and shoulders above the rest. Whether it's in the area of design, quality of materials, ruggedness or functionality, we think you'll find no other product that comes close.

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We are Versa-Pod: The best built bipod in the industry.

Company History

Versa-Pod Manufacturing is a division of Keng's Firearms Specialty (KFS Industries), Inc. Keng’s Firearms Specialty, Inc. (KFS) was established by David Keng in August of 1985 in Riverdale, Georgia. Da Keng assumed responsibilities as President in 1988 and maintains this role today.

In 1990, KFS relocated from Riverdale, GA to its current location in Southwest Atlanta. The company was housed in a freestanding 20,000 sq. ft. facility that still serves as its base for its manufacturing and warehousing operations.

We have a history of delivering quality products to our customers. Prior to the 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban, KFS was the only US importer and distributor of Poly-Tech AK-47 assault rifles. In addition to its other product lines KFS was also a major dealer for the Finnish made Lapua Ammunition.

Presently, Versa-Pod Manufacturing occupies the original KFS building and conducts manufacturing, testing, research and development, assembly, warehousing and distribution. Our business offices are located at the facility and we provide regular tours for scheduled government and vendor visits.

Looking to the future

During the first quarter-century, the company was primarily involved in importing from abroad. In order to gain better control over manufacturing and meet the Federal Government’s “Buy American” goals, we have brought our manufacturing to Atlanta, GA. Versa-Pod® has made the commitment to start its own US-based manufacturing operations beginning in 2010. With the new Versa-Pod® Bipod product lines offered to the US and Allied Governments, demand for the bipods has taken off rapidly. Our newly installed manufacturing facility provides us with direct oversight of quality control, the production of custom designed products and the ability to tackle accelerated production schedules. Having more than 40 CNC and manual metal machining centers, we are well equipped to add new product lines at any time.

With friends serving in the military domestically and overseas, working in government agencies, as well as Federal and local law enforcement we have a personal interest in supplying the highest quality, most reliable products available on the market. Where reliability means saving lives, we stand behind our name. Versa-Pod® challenges our competitors do the same.

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